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November/December 2014

A Hound Named Whittaker

As a dedicated houndsmen most of the incredible moments in my hunting career were provided by my hounds. In fact for most hound hunters the relationship with their dogs becomes more important than the actual hunting of the bear, though the both are always closely entwined. So it seems fitting to share a story about [...]

Remembering Old Jim

Crazy Tales from Uncle Geddy and the Bear Mountian Gang Every year, at the end-of-summer gathering of the Bear Mountain Gang, we lift a glass of icy root beer to the memory of Old Jim. This year, it occurred to me that our newer members had never heard of Old Jim. They were just happy [...]

Dillion On Bear

The evening shadows were creeping across the small meadow as the bear hunter sat quietly in his ground blind on a slight knoll overlooking the area. Maybe it was the surrounding clumps of luxurious green vegetation or perhaps the thick encircling alder swale that attracted the bears to this area, but whatever the case they [...]

Hunting Vehicles

ATV owners in cold climates don’t have the luxury of riding their machines year round, unless they outfit the machine with tire chains and a plow blade for snow removal chores, hauling wood, ice fishing, and other winter activities. This column helps fair-weather, trail-riding-only, ATV owners learn proper techniques for storing their machines during the [...]

If He Smells You, You Will Not Kill Him!

When a brown truck dropped off a package that contained a new scent control product for hunters—actually 3 new products—my wife asked, “What’s that?” “Just some things a company wants me to review—products for making sure your breath doesn’t smell. Here’s a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of mouthwash, and some breath mints. They’re supposed [...]

Tricky Situation

Not so long ago, this old bear hunter was in for a new nerve-shattering experience….ahhh, back in the bear stand at my favorite place in Manitoba, a gentle breeze feels good and blowing in the right direction. The sound of frogs from the slough behind me and the call of the ravens with their wing [...]

New York’s New State Record Bruin

NEW YORK’S CATSKILL MOUNTAINS HMARBOR GARGANTUAN BLACK BEARS Most New York big-game hunters go a life time without seeing a black bear in the wild. Not even a glimpse. But in 2011 seventeen year old Anthony “Tony” Ugarte of Poughkeepsie, New York, not only saw a black bear his very first year hunting, but on his [...]

Bear Fighting Video

Saskatchewan Blonde Black Bear

Here is an excerpt from Richard P. Smith new book Black Bear Hunting: The Ultimate Reference Don Prescott from Dearborn Heights, Michigan bagged a rare blonde black bear on May 20, 2013 while hunting over bait with Thunder Mountain Outfitters in Saskatchewan. The adult male that was about four years old weighed 180 to 190 [...]

World Record Black Bear

  Here is an excerpt from Richard P. Smith new book Black Bear Hunting: The Ultimate Reference Robert Christian from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania bagged a world record black bear in his home state on November 30, 2011 while deer hunting. Bear and deer seasons overlapped at the time and Christian had tags for both. The [...]

Book Review

How to put every shot where you want it. Make Every Shot Count! Get the Most out of Your Hunting Rifle under Field Conditions by J. Scott Olmsted (Safari Press, Long Beach, California, 2104; 258 pages.) Accuracy—it’s something lots of shooters don’t understand. We all have our stories about accuracy. Yes, may- be Grandpa made a [...]

Success In The Field

Six Best Bear Cartridges

You Can’t Go Wrong With One of These Proven Bear Busters! It used to be that the average deer rifle was considered perfectly adequate for bear, but the trend in deer rifles these days is toward smaller cartridges and lighter, rapid expansion bullets to deliver shock, leaving one perhaps to buy another rifle as a bear [...]

Bear Quiz

By Bill Vaznis. Bear photo by Judd Cooney. All other photos by Bill Vaznis ONE: The Canadian provinces that border the United States are fa- mous for harboring huge P&Y bruins. What province leads the pack in total of P&Y listings? A: Manitoba B: Alberta C: Saskatchewan D: Ontario ANSWER: D: Ontario closed its spring bear [...]

From the Editor

There will be more bear hunters afield this autumn than all the elk, moose, mule deer, mountain lion, mountain goat, pronghorn and caribou hunters COMBINED! And our licensed numbers continue to grow as the range of the American black bear expands. Indeed, there has never been a better time to tag a black bear, or [...]